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Saudi Real Estate General Authority

REGA: Revolutionizing the Real Estate Sector

Case Study

Paving the Way for a Learning Renaissance

The Saudi General Real Estate Authority aimed to boost awareness about its innovative PropTech Lab, a cutting-edge initiative transforming the real estate landscape. The challenge lay in communicating the lab's intricate offerings and benefits to a diverse audience.

Approach & Solution:
To address this challenge, a comprehensive awareness video was conceived, focusing on visual appeal, and a clear communication strategy. The awareness video successfully conveyed the PropTech Lab's objectives, services, and impact.

The awareness video garnered significant attention and achieved measurable results:
- Impressive View Count.
- Positive Feedback.
- Increased Engagement.

The awareness video emerged as a powerful tool in effectively communicating the Saudi General Real Estate Authority's PropTech Lab's value proposition. The video successfully reached and resonated with a diverse audience. The positive results underscore the importance of leveraging multimedia content to enhance awareness and understanding of complex technological initiatives within the real estate sector.


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