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Empowering Egypt's Entrepreneurial Dreams







01 Problem

Flat6Labs faced the challenge of effectively reaching and engaging startups in Egypt. The task was to overcome the noise in the startup ecosystem, create awareness about Flat6Labs, and generate leads from passionate entrepreneurs seeking venture capital support.

02 Approach & Solution

Our approach involved a strategic blend of storytelling, data-driven targeting, and a focus on the unique value propositions of Flat6Labs' Venture Capital Fund. Recognizing the diversity and dynamism of the Egyptian startup scene, we aimed to create videos that would resonate with potential applicants, showcasing how the fund could be a catalyst for their daring ambitions.

03 Impact

The lead generation videos campaign was a game changer for Flat6Labs in Egypt. It resulted in:

- Increased Awareness.
- Higher Engagement Rates.
- Increse in Quality Leads Generated.

04 Conclusion

The lead generation videos effectively addressed the challenge of reaching and engaging startups in Egypt. By tailoring the content to resonate with the specific needs of the target audience, we not only created awareness about Flat6Labs but also generated meaningful leads.


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