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Sal7ha: Revving into Convenience

Case Study

Car Maintenance with Seamless Service at Your Doorstep

Sal7ha faced the challenge of standing out in the competitive automotive service sector. The traditional model of car maintenance often inconvenienced users, creating a need for a modern, convenient, and reliable solution.

Approach & Solution:
Our approach was to craft a dynamic branding video that showcased Sal7ha's innovative service model. We focused on highlighting the app's diverse range of maintenance centers, the unique convenience of doorstep car pick-up and delivery, and the guaranteed safety that the app promised its users.

The branding video garnered widespread attention, leading to increased downloads and user registrations. Sal7ha experienced a significant surge in service bookings, showcasing a positive correlation between the video's release and enhanced brand visibility.

This case study underlines the potency of a well-crafted branding video in propelling Sal7ha as an innovative player in the automotive service domain. The video not only effectively communicated Sal7ha's unique selling points but also contributed to increased user engagement, solidifying its position as a leader in convenient and reliable car maintenance.




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