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StartEgypt: Nurturing Egypt's Innovators

Case Study

Spotlighting Challenges in Egypt's Startup Landscape in the Presence of Royalty and Visionaries

The startup ecosystem in Egypt faces multifaceted challenges, ranging from limited access to funding and resources to societal perceptions of entrepreneurship. StartEgypt, recognizing the need to address these issues, aimed to shed light on the struggles and aspirations of Egyptian startups during its 2021 annual event. The challenge was to create an impactful awareness video that not only highlighted the problems but also inspired tangible solutions.

Approach & Solution:
StartEgypt collaborated with our team to develop a compelling awareness video. The approach involved in-depth research into the specific challenges faced by startups in Egypt, including interviews with entrepreneurs, industry experts, and investors. The goal was to present a comprehensive and authentic narrative that resonated with the audience. The video incorporated diverse perspectives, emphasizing the urgency of addressing systemic issues.

The awareness video, unveiled during the 2021 StartEgypt event, generated widespread engagement and discussions. Notable personalities, including Prince Charles, expressed their interest and support for the Egyptian startup ecosystem. The video was shared across social media platforms, garnering thousands of views and sparking conversations about the importance of fostering a conducive environment for entrepreneurship.

The awareness video played a pivotal role in not only highlighting the challenges faced by Egyptian startups but also catalyzing a positive shift in perception and support. The video effectively leveraged the platform provided by StartEgypt's annual event to reach influential figures, resulting in increased awareness and collaboration.





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