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YaSchools: Enriching Education Digitally

Case Study

Revolutionizing Education Through Big Data, AI, and Financial Technology

YaSchools, a comprehensive platform providing information about international and national schools in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, faced a challenge in increasing its brand visibility and user engagement. The challenge was to establish YaSchools as the go-to resource for parents and educational institutions in Saudi Arabia and create a compelling narrative that resonated with the diverse audience of parents, teachers, and school administrators.

Approach & Solution:
To address the branding challenge, we created an engaging branding video. The video aimed to highlight the platform's key features, user-friendly interface, and the vast array of services it offered. The approach involved understanding the unique value propositions of YaSchools, identifying the target audience's pain points, and crafting a narrative that showcased how YaSchools could simplify the school-search process for parents and streamline management for schools.

The video resulted in a significant boost in brand visibility and user engagement for YaSchools. User feedback indicated a positive response to the video, with many expressing appreciation for the clear presentation of YaSchools' services.

The branding video played a pivotal role in transforming YaSchools' online presence. By effectively communicating the platform's value propositions, the video resonated with the target audience and contributed to increased brand awareness. The success of this campaign highlighted the importance of a strategic and visually compelling approach to brand promotion, particularly in a digital landscape where multimedia content holds significant sway.





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