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Revolutionizing Cash Access







01 Problem

QWQ Cash Withdrawal, despite its innovative approach, faced challenges in reaching potential users and merchants effectively. The need to build awareness and establish trust within local communities was crucial. Traditional advertising channels were proving to be less effective in conveying the unique value proposition of QWQ.

02 Approach & Solution

Recognizing the need for a dynamic and engaging approach, our team devised a two-fold video marketing strategy. One video was tailored to appeal to potential users, emphasizing the ease and convenience of cash withdrawals through QWQ. The second video was crafted to resonate with merchants, highlighting the benefits of becoming QWQ partners and transforming their businesses into virtual ATMs.

03 Impact

User-centric video resulted in:
- Increased App Downloads.
- User Engagement & Positive Feedback.

Merchant-centric video resulted in:
- Increased Merchant Sign-ups.
- Improved Community Integration.

04 Conclusion

The tailored lead generation videos played a pivotal role in addressing the specific needs of both users and merchants. By effectively conveying the benefits and unique selling points of QWQ Cash Withdrawals, the campaign contributed to increased adoption and community integration.


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