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Saaya Health

Maintaining Employees Well-Being & Redefining Digital Assistance Programs in the Workplace




Saaya Health



01 Problem

Saaya Health, a prominent mental health service provider, faced a challenge in expanding its reach and engaging corporate clients for its Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Despite offering a comprehensive digital EAP, the company struggled to convey the value of its services to potential clients, hindering lead generation efforts.

02 Approach & Solution

Recognizing the need for a dynamic and compelling method to showcase Saaya Health's EAP, a lead generation video was conceptualized. The video aimed to highlight the unique features of the digital EAP, emphasizing its adaptability to diverse workplace environments, and affordable mental health care.

03 Impact

The lead generation video yielded significant positive outcomes:
- Increased Engagement.
- Expanded Client Base.
- Improved Brand Perception.

04 Conclusion

The lead generation video effectively addressed the challenge of reaching and engaging potential corporate clients for Saaya Health's EAP. By combining visual storytelling with a focus on core features, the video successfully communicated the value of Saaya's services.


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