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Capturing the Energy, Innovation, and Impact of Entrepreneurial Ecosystems







01 Problem

Flat6Labs, as the MENA region's premier seed and early-stage venture capital firm, faced the challenge of effectively showcasing its impactful events, particularly "Dice Egypt" and their event at Eslsca University.

The task was to create compelling event coverage videos that not only documented these moments but also conveyed the essence of Flat6Labs' commitment to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship in the region.

02 Approach & Solution

Our approach involved a meticulous strategy to capture the energy, insights, and collaborations at each event. Understanding that these events were not just gatherings but opportunities to inspire and connect with the entrepreneurial community, we aimed to create videos that would resonate with a diverse audience.

03 Impact

Our coverage successfully resulted in:

- Increased Audience Engagement.
- Increased Brand Visibility.
- Improved Community Connection.

04 Conclusion

The event coverage videos not only addressed the challenge of documenting key events but also served as powerful tools for brand promotion, community engagement, and showcasing Flat6Labs' commitment to nurturing entrepreneurship in the MENA region. By effectively capturing and conveying the essence of these events, the videos contribute to Flat6Labs' mission of accelerating the future of innovation in the region.


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