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Saudi Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs

Shaping the Future of Urban and Rural Landscapes in The Kingdom




Saudi Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs



01 Problem

The Saudi Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs sought to increase public awareness and engagement with its diverse range of services. Despite having valuable offerings, there was a lack of visibility and understanding among the public, hindering the effectiveness of the services.

02 Approach & Solution

We proposed a comprehensive video marketing strategy to showcase key aspects of the Ministry's services. We aimed to create informative and engaging videos to highlight their website portal, Khadmati App, and Balady Platform. Each video would focus on a specific service to ensure a targeted and impactful message.

03 Impact

The videos were a great success. They managed to increase awareness and engagement. They also helped fostering genuine community connection and trust.

04 Conclusion

The video marketing campaign successfully addressed the challenge of low awareness and engagement. By strategically showcasing the Ministry's services through targeted videos, we not only increased visibility but also encouraged citizens to actively participate in the digital platforms.


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