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Igniting Excitement and Fostering Entrepreneurial Success







01 Problem

Flat6Labs, a trailblazing venture capital firm in the MENA region, faced the challenge of effectively communicating key milestones and achievements to its diverse audience. Celebrating its 10-year anniversary, highlighting its work in Tunisia, and announcing the second close and increased funding for the FAC fund required a strategic approach to convey the significance of these events and reinforce Flat6Labs' position as a leader in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

02 Approach & Solution

Our approach involved creating three announcement videos, each tailored to the specific context of the milestone being celebrated. The goal was to craft compelling narratives that would resonate with Flat6Labs' audience, conveying the firm's journey, impact, and future ambitions.

03 Impact

The videos proved to be a resounding success. They successfully:

- Increased Engagement and Awareness.
- Garnered Media Coverage.
- increased Stakeholder Satisfaction.

04 Conclusion

The series of announcement videos successfully addressed the challenge of communicating Flat6Labs' milestones. By employing a thoughtful and tailored approach to each video, we not only celebrated achievements but also reinforced Flat6Labs' position as a catalyst for innovation and growth in the MENA region.


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