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01 Problem

The Egyptian Canadian Center for Knowledge System (ECCKS) is dedicated to providing education and support for individuals with learning difficulties, particularly dyslexia. Despite offering valuable services, the client faced challenges in raising awareness and engaging with their target audience.

02 Approach & Solution

We produced a series of compelling videos that showcased key information about learning difficulties that kids may face.

03 Impact

The video series achieved outstanding resaults:

- Increased Engagement and Reach: The video series achieved significant engagement on social media platforms, with increased shares, comments, and views.
- Shift in Perception and Understanding: The videos contributed to a positive shift in how dyslexia is perceived.
- Community Building and Advocacy: The social media videos became a catalyst for community building. Viewers shared their own experiences, creating a platform for advocacy and awareness. ECCKS became a focal point for discussions on dyslexia support.

04 Conclusion

Through educational content creation, our collaboration with ECCKS successfully addressed communication challenges. This case illustrates the power of multimedia content in creating meaningful connections and promoting a positive impact.


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