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Empowering Informed Spending Decisions







01 Problem

Teradix, a leading provider of cloud-based procurement and sourcing management software, faced a challenge in effectively communicating the comprehensive capabilities of their solution to potential clients. The complexity of procurement processes and the need for a nuanced understanding of Teradix's features made it challenging to engage and convert leads solely through traditional content.

02 Approach & Solution

To address this challenge, our team proposed the creation of lead generation videos that would serve as a visual and engaging introduction to Teradix's software. The approach involved breaking down the intricate features into digestible and compelling narratives. We aimed to create videos that not only showcased the functionality of the software but also highlighted its tangible benefits, emphasizing efficiency, savings, and collaboration.

03 Impact

The lead generation video campaign yielded remarkable results within a short timeframe. Click-through rates from the videos to the demo request page exceeded expectations, showcasing a direct impact on lead conversion.

Furthermore, Teradix witnessed an uptick in demo requests and inquiries directly attributed to the videos. The videos became a valuable asset in the sales process, providing potential clients with a clear understanding of Teradix's value proposition before engaging with the sales team.

04 Conclusion

The success of Teradix's lead generation videos demonstrates the effectiveness of visual storytelling in complex B2B software sales. By addressing the specific pain points of their target audience through engaging narratives, Teradix was able to capture attention, educate potential clients, and drive meaningful engagement.


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