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Disco X CO-Brands

Fusion of Savings, Brands, and Cashback






Mobile App

01 Problem

Disco, a pioneering cashback app in Egypt, faced a challenge in generating leads and expanding its user base. While the app offered compelling features for saving money and earning cashback, reaching a wider audience proved to be a hurdle. The need was to increase brand visibility and attract potential users who were not yet familiar with the benefits of using Disco.

02 Approach & Solution

To overcome the lead generation challenge, we proposed a strategic collaboration with renowned brands in Egypt, such as Coca-Cola & Juhayna. The approach involved creating engaging lead generation videos that not only showcased Disco's features but also leveraged the credibility and reach of these well-known brands to capture the attention of a broader audience.

03 Impact

The lead generation campaign proved to be a massive success. It resulted in the following:

- Increased Brand Exposure.
- Expanded User Base.
- Boosted Conversion Rates.

04 Conclusion

The lead generation video campaign, in collaboration with renowned brands in Egypt, proved to be a game-changer for Disco. By strategically aligning with influential partners, Disco not only increased its brand visibility but also successfully generated leads and expanded its user base. The results indicated that the combination of compelling content and strategic partnerships is a potent formula for driving lead generation and user acquisition.


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