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Transforming Tradition, Fostering Community, and Easing the Path to Marriage





Mobile App

01 Problem aimed to revolutionize the age-old Arab tradition of financially assisting couples getting married. The challenge lay in transposing this deeply rooted cultural practice into the digital realm, as traditionally done by parents.

02 Approach & Solution

Our approach centered on crafting compelling awareness and branding videos that delicately blended tradition with modernity. We focused on narrating compelling stories, showcasing the app's functionality, and highlighting the emotional and practical aspects of contributing to someone's marriage.

Through a series of engaging videos, we communicated the essence of, emphasizing its user-friendly features and the emotional fulfillment of participating in the age-old tradition through a contemporary digital platform.

03 Impact

The videos garnered widespread attention, resonating with both the younger, tech-savvy generation and those deeply connected to cultural traditions. experienced a surge in user registrations and a significant uptick in contributions, validating the successful fusion of tradition and technology.

04 Conclusion

This case study illustrates the successful alignment of's mission with effective storytelling through videos. It not only bridged the gap between tradition and technology but also fostered a sense of community and shared responsibility.


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